Incarceration in the United States

In 2014, the United States had an imprisoned population of more than 1,561,500 people, a group larger than the population of t

UM Game Network

As a member of NERDLab, I have created various microsites. One of the most unique projects I worked on was the UM Game Network

Io: Volcanic Moon

As a demonstration of skills in 3D modeling, this webpage showcases a few different ways to implement 3D models within a web p

Floresta Silenciosa

As part of an international team of journalists, scientists, and developers, I created 4 interactive data visualizations for F

CARTHE Card Release Locations

The CARTHE research group at the University of Miami released cards and tracked where they were washed up back to shore throug

An International Research Group seeks to Understand Greenhouse Gases in the Amazonian Wetlands

With a loud slurp from the release of suction, Dr. Joost van Haren extracts himself from a hole, covered in pungent mud up to

GIS Static Maps

In this ISSUU, I have assembled a group of static maps made using ArcGIS.

Arduino + Processing

I experimented with real time data visualization in my Creative Coding class, using an microphone sensor connected to an Ardui

Costing Nature

Using D3 and the Leaflet.js API, I created an interactive map of data from the Global Forest Change (2000-2012) dataset develo

Social Progress Index in the Amazon

I created the Social Progress Index map using Mapbox and data from the Social Progress Index in the Amazon, developed in 2014